Belly dancers crochet!

topic posted Sun, December 17, 2006 - 8:23 PM by  Salihah
georgianne I saw your're a belly dancer? Me, too! Who else here is, I know I've seen a couple others! Ever crocheted or knitted something for your costume? I thought hair falls might be fun...but then I'm a tribal girl. : )

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    (First tribe post ever!)

    I've never crocheted anything for a costume, but my best friend's mom got pretty good at crocheting coins onto trim for scarves and belts and whatnot (I should ask to see how she did it). Some of my classmates have had to do their own repairs on coin scarves, too.

    I think hair falls would be totally wild. I've kind of had thoughts about random crocheted curliques in a sort of secondary fringe on a belt. Seems like it would give one's hips some more bulk and definition and make all sorts of things look bigger/better. I'm a little worried that something like that would snag regular fringe, though (and I don't know that the curlies themselves would swing around enough to satisfy me).
  • I used to bellydance. Then I move, and hurt my back. Until my back is a lot better, I can't dance, but I am sure I will get into it again sometime.
    I have crocheted tops/bras and belts
  • Hi Salihah. Crocheted hair falls? I imagine you could create some pretty amazing tribal looks with that. I saw a pattern recently for a crocheted wig. I think it was on the Lion Brand yarn site.

    • Oh I know, now if I spent less time on tribe I'd have more time to try making some stuff, LOL! This time of year and I find myself on the computer more and more. Especially today, it's snowing a ton.

      I was at Amazing Threads the other day, a local yarn shop. They had this really neat crochet beaded belt. I wish I would have gotten the pattern, I've been thinking about it ever since. It would be neat with tassles or fringe from it, or even a handmade hip scarf. I kept telling myself I could make it, I didn't need the pattern. But that usually means I never get around to it, lol, when will I learn?!
  • I also BD and crochet, fairly new to both but loving it. I have some great ideas for felted tribal belts.
    I'm new to the crochet scene in Phx AZ anybody know of good yarn shops in the metro area?
    • Raising my hand here!!! I bellydance and I've been crocheting for about 25 years. I'm not sure about PHX but there is a wondeful store down town Mesa ... The Fiber Factory.
      • I belly dance (Tribal Fusion) and am planning on crocheting some sort of belt at some point, I have sooo many projects in process. I have an old pattern from Atira's or something with a pattern for crocheting belts and bras. Got it from my mother-in-spirit who use to dance.
        I am also going to learn how to weave on an inkle loom this spring and make a belt with those Native American jingle cones for fringe, too awesome.
  • i belly dance, i crochet... and i knit!

    but don't ask me to belly dance while crocheting or knitting.

    i'm still pretty much a beginner... i've been taking classes for 5 months now and love it! was just promoted to the intermediate class and am struggling to keep up but love every second of it!

    i just learned thread crochet and would love to learn bead crochet so i can combine the two and make my own coined hip ties but i don't have the patience to string all those coins and beads onto the thread first.

    yay for belly dance & crochet!
  • i just bought some zills and i dug out my crochet thread and made up some covers for them so i can practice with them and not give myself a headache

    one pair is from a pattern... the other pair i'm designing. i have the pattern written up and i'll post it to my blog and let you all know when it's up.

    might sell my zill covers on a special order basis to my class. we'll see if my teacher lets me
    • "i just bought some zills and i dug out my crochet thread and made up some covers for them so i can practice with them and not give myself a headache "

      Awesome idea! Zill mutes! Every other instrument has them, why not zills. Great idea! Sell them!
  • <----- Tribal dancer too!!! I actually crocheted my belts. If you check out my pictures you can see what I've been working on!!! I'm going to try my hand at the Crochet bra pattern from Artemis Imports when I have a break from school......
  • Hi! I am a Dancer also, on a break from a back injury :(
    I also crochet and make a living from it...I think it is the next best thing to Prozac!
    As a mother of 7 I do it to keep my sanity.
    Problem is, my husband thinks I can crochet I say Honey, I need a new comforter, or towels, or car seat cover...and his reply is...Honey, cant you crochet one????
    I actually am going to be a second time Grandma to a baby girl in June, and I am in the process of designing a baby carrier...the kind you wear on the front of you...I had designed on for a bellydance friend, so she could wear baby on the front while she danced and look costumed...but it is half finished...I will post it when it is done...
    Nice to meet you all!
    Gigi Originals
    • Gigi! I gotta see some pics of that baby carrier when you're done! That sounds sooo neat! Do you have a website selling your patterns or creations?

      I'm a mom of 6, I totally know what you mean about "the next best thing to Prozac"! ; )
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    I started crocheting & taking belly dance lessons last fall (work was pretty stressful so I went on a mad hobby rampage!!) and I'm getting a lot better at both! I'm working on a beaded fishnet hipscarf right now, it's the first belly dance related project I've worked on so far.
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    I've been dancing off and on since 1983, and started taking lessons again a few years ago. One of the popular things is the corset belt. I made one of these using some of the 4-ply cotton. It's just a matter of deciding on the sizes of the pieces; making loops on both ends to lace it with; crochet chains for the ties; make some tassels. I have made a few tassels, but need to make more. The problem I had is with how to attach the tassels since you run a loop through the top and tie it.

    For variety, do a sc, dc to get texture and more interest in the belt. Straight sc or dc is boring. The end result is like a knitted seed stitch. It also makes keeping the edges straight easier.

    Another project would be to find a bikini pattern and use the top for the bra. It's going to be a halter neck and should only be worn by those who can go braless without flopping. What I want to figure out is how to make a crochet thread bra cover with coins and beads for the larger ladies. I'm thinking of something that could be worn with a vest so that the back ties wouldn't show. Those of us who need lots of support, want to wear fun stuff, too.

    Columbia Minerva had a pattern some time in the late 70's or early 80's. You might be able to find a copy online. I made one as a gag gift years ago.

    On a side note, I keep saying I want a sports bra concession at the end of the local mini-marathon. If you're jogging or dancing, the breast tissue should not be moving on it's own.

    I learned to crochet in Jan., 1977, during a horrible winter.
  • I'm a dancer! I make crochet shrugs, some of my troupe mates are planning on using some of my shrugs for a performance in October.
    Check out this tribe....
    • too..if the profile pic doesn't say it all. I sew alot of my costumes but haven't crocheted any items..

      As far as hair falls for the tribal folks..I just learned hand spinning and have been debating the uses of wool roving to make dred falls...thinking lightly spun/ steamed roving would crochet in to some amazing things for headwear.
      • Guess there is a lot of us! I've been crocheting since I was six and been dancing caberat for 7 years now. I have some patterns gloves, fringe, head bands, and zill covers if anyone is interested.

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